Opening: 13.09.2018 | 6 - 10 PM
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curated by EDUARDA NEVES

super+CENTERCOURT is hosting HORS-SÉRIE, an exhibition project curated by Eduarda Neves, presented in several art spaces, in which the artists work on a site-specificity basis, taking the exhibition context in consideration. It simultaneously approaches the polysemic character of the notion HORS-SÉRIE, opening it to its several meanings that have to do with identity, simulacra, potency, subversion, resistance, workforce, along with other concepts. HORS-SÉRIE seeks to establish a dialogue between the fields of art, philosophy and politics.

HORS-SÉRIE is a curatorial project that seeks to explore the polysemic character of this notion, namely in three axes

[A] Departing from Deleuzian references, through an understanding of the Identity of the Different as primary potency. To think of identity not as similitude but as disparity means to reverse Platonism, to affirm the simulacra, and to assign them their place between icons and copie; place of subversion that denies original and copy, model and reproduction. It is no longer about the essence-appearance, copy-model, I-other relations, for this distinction works in the realm of representation. Neither the model of the Other nor the search for the origin. It is "of the false as potency, Pseudos, in Nietzsche’s sense: the highest potency of the false. Rising to the surface, the simulacrum casts under the power of the false (ghost) the Same and the Similar, the model and the copy" [1]. This wandering has no beginning or end, it is chaos without center, potency of the simulacrum, destruction of the Same that prevents the perpetuation of the model. In this sort of Hors-série the march of divergence, of resistance, of the exceptional, of that which is subtracted from the regularity of the series but which belongs to it, is established. A Hors-Série which is pure difference, the difference in itself, which is opposed to classical representation. The latter submits difference to the principles of identity and similarity. Now, this pure difference is the object of thought and not of representation. The Being is regularity and becoming. The multiple in each of us. The singular as collective. Difference is repetition and the discovery of all forces. A Meeting.
[B] Issues to be addressed : (I) the resistence regarding infamous men’s life; (II) the escape from language’s representational paradigm. To seek for “a language without speech”, “an involuntary poetry”, as Michel Foucault righly remarked. To discover a madness that is not mental illness and, as this author has equated, one without which we would not know how to live. Thus, for us, it is also about issues of freedom, of questioning before all forms of built experience. Hors-Série as an experience of depersonalization. To overcome thought, penser l´impensé.
[C] Hors-Série as a moment of stopping in the serial work, of unproductiveness of the workforce understood as a form of resistance. The machines, as bodies in series, spatially organize the production apparatus and, being configured as workstations, make the individualizing decomposition of the workforce visible. The factory is, by excellence, the domain of serial production work and flexibility. Its deactivation asserts itself, still, politically, as an image of unemployment.
[1] Gilles Deleuze – Diferença e Repetição. São Paulo, Ed. Graal.1988, p. 268.

The exhibition project, that will take place in several international contemporary art spaces, will be presented in a catalogue published in portuguese and english. In the scope of the International Meeting A HEAVY BLOW OF A ROD ACROSS THE FINGERS, a range of issues cross-cutting the curatorial program will be addressed.